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Flowforth Productions was founded in January, 2008, and is the US Distributor for Sonic Spongecake Records and Skylight Press in the U.K.



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Luna Trick: Total Submersion

Alternative rock that incorporates elements of 80s gothic, new wave, ethereal, shoegaze, space funk, and other less definable experimentalism.

"It will fit nicely in between your copy of The Cure's Pornography and Cocteau Twins' Garlands." (Amazon Review)

"At first listen, I fell for the NIN sound, and then I listened again finding threads of so many of my favourite bands like the Cure, David Bowie. This is old school new wave meshed with the best of today's sounds…" (CD Baby Review)

Luna Trick: Hoar Frost Sheen

This sophisticated one-man band act follows in the great tradition of Nine Inch Nails, Beck, and early Cure albums. His hybridised guitar style renders many different sonic colours, which are further enhanced by his willingness to explore various instrumentations, both traditional and innovative.

"With solid grooves and biting lyrics. Staniforth takes on both political and religious issues - delivering a diverse range of songs that are one minute industrial/electronica - and dreamy psychedelia the next." (Amazon Review)

Luna Trick: Prophetic Guesses

"Loosely categorised as "gothic rock", and nicely dark and dense it is in places. It also displays a nice diversity of musical styles without becoming a dog's breakfast. Staniforth's resonant vocals, which are pitched somewhere between Scott Walker and Kevin Ayers, and sometimes pyrotechnic guitar are both prominently showcased…. This is a fine effort that deserves its share of commercial success and critical recognition. Well done, chap!"
— Terrascope

Daniel Staniforth: Father to Father

Impressionistic orchestral pieces written and performed by Daniel Staniforth, in homage to his father, who is a classical music aficionado.

"Artistry. very impressive! brings back nice memories and images... herne the hunter, chalk horses, the round table, knights and castles, and always the great forest. Bravo!"

"Epic, filmic, a very ambitious piece. So much going on ... sophisticated yet unpretentious, an army of darkness in a faded oak leaf." (Last FM Reviews)

Rebsie Fairholm: Mind the Gap

"An absolutely wonderful album's worth of entrancing whispered glowing heart-warming Celtic/old English (Pagan?) folk, embroidered with cleverly delicate instrumentation. ... Calming, uplifting, ethereal and a slightly new feel on something very traditional and unashamedly rooted in very old ways. ... Rebsie has the most beguiling of voices – she really is something special. Just beautiful, uncluttered, refreshing."
— ORGAN Magazine

"almost like a spiritual experience, an album of death, the afterlife, ghosts, moral injustices, mystical otherworlds and noisy garden power tools."
— Progressive Ears

Rebsie Fairholm: Seven Star Green

"The disc's opening and closing salvos are outstanding, beginning with The Cursing Song (from the pen of R.J. Stewart), a sinister incantation set to a richly stately chordal pulse with sparky, exotic touches...

The closing bookend is a powerfully dark triptych: a compulsively dramatic tribal-trance take on The Bitter Withy with a spine-tinglingly eerie tintinnabulating coda, leading to the intensely fragile, emotionally charged pleading of From A Coffin ... and closing with Lyke Wake Dirge – here a sweeping processional through the Imagined Village accompanied by distorted electronic ghosts."


Daniel Staniforth & Rebsie Fairholm: RUINS: Poems of Margaret Randal

'Sonic Poemscape' readings from Margaret Randall's book of poetry, Ruins. The music features original compositions as well as Daniel and Rebsie's arrangements of traditional melodies. A multi-instrumental and unclassifiable collection of styles and genres coalescing around the written word.

Alchymical Muse: The Spark

The Alchymical sound combines spine-tingling vocal harmonies with haunting cello, dark tumbling guitars and a diversity of strings and chimes. Deep and contemplative songs bring out the unique and special synergy between their voices, fusing together elements of wordless lyrics, choral chants, Gaelic lament and flourishes of poetry and dreams.

now available. Limited Edition CD coming in late November.

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Luna Trick: The Guessing Prophet Outtakes

Ten Outtakes from the Prophetic Guesses recording sessions - with all the usual Luna Stylings and more!

Luna Trick: Lunatronique

An electronica compilation from Luna Trick & Friends, featuring Rebsie Fairholm, Rune Storkaas, EZamor, YosL, Shadow of Nine, Boris Luxx, Michael 2, Skean, and particle dots. Hypnotic beats and searing melodies traverse a number of poetric subjects.

Luna Trick: Best of the 'Luna Sea' 4-track Vault

A compilateion of early 4-Track recordings that were distributed on cassette under the monker, Luna Sea, from 1989-1993. Gritty, experimental and Raw!

Dream Nth: Moonbather's Glory

A side project album of blistering Alt-Rock polemics as well as more tender fare by Daniel Staniforth and Jude D'Silva. Some Luna Trick signatures can be heard as well as other unique departures.

Dreamhaus: Fade with the Light

A multi-genre alternative project by Mark Deskin and Daniel Staniforth - also features Rebsie Fairholm, Omar Nasr,
Ramona Graham, Aaron Deskin and Barb Flowers-Radell. From Jump and Jive to Lush pop - this collection has it all.

Daniel Staniforth: Meditations

An Ambient-Electronic Suite of Four Meditations composed and recorded for Barbara Radell-Flowers (1957-2008). At various moments - episodic, therapeutic, dynamic and ethereal.

Daniel Staniforth & Brian Hoffman: Watchers of the Valcoron

Experimental Science Fiction soundscape trilogy by Brian Hoffman & Daniel Staniforth

"The Watchers are immersed in a stunning pathology of ambient sulfate...through cello and variant other wavesound pulse mixing... burning its curious way to the top of the ice-volcanic biosphere…"

Daniel Staniforth: Psalter of the Earth

New Guitar collection featuring classical, flamenco, rock, fingerstyle and ambient playing styles. Sometimes crafted and shaped - other times experimental and improvised - the player's unconventional methods will keep you guessing.

Luna Trick v Ectoplasm: Post Mortem Lullaby

5 Song EP by Daniel Staniforth (luna trick) & Beat Wizard, Sam Hatzaridis (ectoplasm). Electronic Darkwave meets Industrial Dirge. Postmortem lullabies abound.


A second compilation from Luna Trick & Friends, this time featuring more standard Rock instrumentation. Collaborators include Boss Hook, Pharmakeus, Outtaorbit, Ridd Sorenson (from Satellite Tragedy), Vic Holman, Kevin 'Bud' Jones, Vegetal, Lupiroz, Particledots, Alan McPike and Michael Jay Klein. Driving and poignant songs for our modern age - with one or two surprises.

Luna Trick: Veil of Lids

An all New album from Luna Trick, full of multi-instrumental experimentation, eclectic songs, dark and poetic arrangements for the tormented soul...
Daniel Staniforth: Circumpolar

An album of original compositions following Daniel's 'Father to Father' classical and 'Meditations' ambient albums.

Circumpolar: Stars that, as viewed from a given lattitude on Earth, never set (that is, never disappear below the horizon), due to the proximity of one of the celestial poles.

Cover Painting by Hana Flowers Staniforth

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An album of original compositions following Daniel's 'Father to Father' classical and 'Meditations' ambient albums.

Circumpolar: Stars that, as viewed from a given lattitude on Earth, never set (that is, never disappear below the horizon), due to the proximity of one of the celestial poles.

Cover Painting by Hana Flowers Staniforth



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NEW Alchymical Muse album - The Spark







Luna Trick

Eden's Gate

Faceless Gods



Legend of Mortlake



The Swimmer & the Siren

On the Plea Shore

Lost Circus

Chinese Whisper

The Potter's Wheel

Immunity (Rattatat-tat)

Daniel Staniforth

Sunshards on Portico

Dean Church Graveyard Dances

Dreams of AlbionD

The Ruin

Thaws of Amber

Watching the Beacons

Time (Endless Flow)

Burn for You (w/ Dream nth)

My Winter Grey (w/ Dream nth)

Allay (w/ Dreamhaus)

Rebsie Fairholm

Buain 'A Choirce

Leaf Blower

Cursing Song

Fine Horseman

Alchymical Muse

Bird in the Bush

Green Man

Staggering Space

Wind on the Wolds





Pieces by Alchymical Muse and Luna Trick appeared in the online zine - TRICKHOUSE Vol 6 fall issue

and also in
the FALL 10 Edition of online zine -
Not Enough Night

New English pea named in honour of Luna Trick and the article can be found in the Daughter of the Soil blog


Review of Seven Star Green at NetRhythms

Review of Prophetic Guesses at Terrascope


Rebsie Fairholm: Psychedelic Renaissance Woman - Inverview with Tobin Mueller

Audio interview with Daniel and Rebsie of Alchymical Muse on the Epileptic Gibbon Radio Show


These episodes of the Epileptic Gibbon Radio Show were guest hosted by Alchymical Muse:

Conspiracy of Silence
Box of Tricks
Diamond Cut Diamond
Crescent Moon
Six Hands Across a Table
Conspiracy of Silence
A Change of Bait

Music by various Flowforth Productions artists can be found on other Epileptic Gibbon programmes

Luna Trick and Rebsie Fairholm have also featured on the Paul Baker Show on ARFM and Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk on BBC Radio Shropshire


Two songs appear in Independent Films directed by John Hartman (Groovyfilms):
Rebsie's rendition of "Fine Horseman" featured in The Bridge Crusador and "My Blazing Silhouette" by Alchymical Muse appears in Devil's Eye

Daniel composed Theatre music featuring vocals by Rebsie for the July 2011 production of Under Milk Wood at the Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre

Alchymical Muse recorded a version of the Robbie Burns classic, "Auld Lang Syne," which featured in It's a Wonderful Life at the Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre in December, 2009

Sections of Daniel's Father to Father CD were used for plays at the National Media Centre in Nathupur, India



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